Celebration Assembly 5th June 2014

Year 6

Ewen for practising his performance lines over the holidays.

Alfie for all the effort he is putting into the performance.

Year 5

Jack for his focus in Science and Literacy

Harvey for resilience with percentages.

Year 4

Lucy for her swimming achievements

Bailey for his decimals and percentages work.

Year 3

Tyler hfor his exceptional maths work and excellent behaviour.

Mila for always being an exceptional member of the team.

Year 2

Harry, Eben, Will and Ronnie for FAB learning and for always being focused on the carpet.

Year 1

Alfie, Maisie, Archie, Darcey for having a brilliant learning arttitude after the holidays


George for excellent maths work filling in a blank number line in twos.

Josie and Amelia for amazing work at the writing table.