Celebration Time 22nd May

Year 6

Lucy for improving her final race score at Neilly Races.

Angadh for his kind nature and for his commitment to learning.

Year 5

Celebrating together their wonderful team in the Viking village.

Year 4

Mollie for swimming a length

Rhianna and Phoebe for their scientific knowledge in the electricity topic.

The Year 3 and 4 cricket team for their achievements at Kwik cricket- Jacob, Oliver, Emily, Lani, Jake, Highie. Conall, Rob, Sonny and Kias

Year 2

Tabby for her fantastic scientific knowledge .

Scott for his great scientific language.

Year 1

Solomon, Caspar, Ollie and William for fantastic writing


Sophie for her mythical creature art work of a mermaid.

Reva for her phonics and good learning.

Plus a big well done to all the children who do motor skills with Mrs Holmes. She is so proud of all your achievements.